OffTheLand is like a local farmers market that is never closed!

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OffTheLand is like a local farmers market that is always open!

OffTheLand is a way for gardeners, homesteaders, micro-farmers, and regenerative & permaculture enthusiasts to share/sell/buy/trade goods and services among themselves, and with their local communities.

Ex: Trading heirloom seeds or services, selling seasonal produce, learning about techniques and pest challenges in their particular area, etc.

Think of it as your decentralized food supply chain that is completely transparent, from farm to fork:

1) You know HOW: all chemical inputs, and whether it's organically or regeneratively grown.
2) You know WHERE: Is it sourced locally or is it just from a reseller?
3) You know WHO: Grew/raised/sourced the product.

A side-business of growing food

Turn your passion and hobby into a revenue stream by selling your bounty directly to consumers in your local community. You can trade and share too!

Fuel your body with the best nutrition

Avoid health issues by choosing non-genetically modified and pesticide-free food grown in diverse soils. Nourish your body with the essential energy and nutrients it needs to continue being yourself and doing what you love.

Locally grown, globally conscious, for a green future

Every dollar is a vote for either locally grown regenerative food or malnourishing food that harms you & the environment. Regenerative food is better than sustainable food because it actively undoes environmental damage.

Food freedom & self-sufficiency

Bartering with others in your community is a great way to obtain needed items and build a strong food supply chain. Buy or sell items from like-minded individuals in your area to support your community and build a network of reliable people. It's a win-win!

How it works:

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Just 16 cents out of every dollar goes to the grower, the rest goes to marketing, transportation, processing, logistics, insuring, warehousing, preserving, packaging, and (finally!) stocking retail shelves.
Average distance (in miles) of a supply chain for fresh vegetables.
Food prices have increased 3,200.68% from 1913 to 2024.
3972 food additives are used as anticaking agents, bleaching agents, emulsifiers, flavorings agents, fumigants, neutralizing agents, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, inhibitors, hormones, solvents, stabilizers, and for other uses.
Over 2000 synthetic flavors used in food.

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September 17, 2023
September 17, 2023

Buy - Sell - Share - Trade LOCALLY

OffTheLand is a web app that allows gardeners and hobby growers to do away with all that stress and simply enjoy growing what they love, what grows best, share the harvest at the ripest stage, and be financially rewarded for it.

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